Terms of Trade

No one likes the small print.

While it might feel a bit time-consuming to read the fine print, we do believe it is the best way to manage expectations and avoid any surprises. Our terms of trade set out what we will deliver to you and what we expect from you. The last thing we want is a mismatch in understanding and a poor outcome for you, the customer.

We believe in providing great service and we take pride in our standards. The terms of trade below serve as the criteria for all of the work we carry out. These terms override any agreements made in person, over the telephone, or in any other communication.

When you ask GasmanQt Ltd to carry out work on your behalf, you agree to uphold your obligations under these terms of trade.

If you have any questions please contact us on our Email: GasmanQt@gmail.com If you are unhappy with the work we provide, or have any problems or comments, please let us know immediately. We will do our best to fix any problems right away. If you do not give us feedback or if you delay payment, it makes it difficult for us to put things right.

We take pride in what we do and would love for you to use us again and tell your friends. You can be sure that we want you to get the outcome you are after, as much – if not more- than you do.



Our Charges

Normal Working Hours

We define our normal hours of business from 8.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday. Work done outside of these hours is subject to an after-hours call out fee.

Appliance Service Charge

Appliances can vary from Domestic and Commercial prices and can range from $75-$135 for a full strip down service. The Gas Safety Certificate has to be provided along with the service by law and a charge for time and purchase of these Certificates will be charged at $25 per Property/unit/apartment and will be delivered to the customer via a pdf attached with the invoice.

After Hours Call Out Fee

A call out fee is a one-off charge $185+Gst for the first hour. Anything after that will have an hourly charge of $120+Gst. We have to cover the cost of the administration for your job.

Vehicle Service Fee

This charge is used to cover the cost of running the vehicles, and can vary dependent on your location e.g. Queenstown $15.

Parking Permits/Tolls/Paid Parking

If in the course of undertaking work for you, we are required to pay for parking or any other vehicle travel costs, these could be passed on to you. 

Cancellations/Rescheduling Appointments

  • We are always happy to reschedule an appointment free of charge.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice.
  • A cancellation fee may apply to appointments that are not cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment.



  • For every day call-out jobs and after-hours emergency jobs, payment is due when the work is complete, unless we have made other arrangements. If you have been sent an invoice, payment is due as per the payment date on the invoice.
  • Once your job is complete, you will be sent a final invoice by email.
  • Please let us know before work commences if you would prefer an invoice to be mailed to you, as our default communication is via email.
  • The Customer shall pay in full for the goods/parts and services no later than the date specified on the Company’s invoice. The Customer shall not have any right of set-off or deduction against the required payment or on account of any money which GasmanQt Ltd may owe the Customer. If the Customer fails to pay the full amount due, on or before the due date, GasmanQt Ltd (without prejudice to its other rights and remedies) shall be entitled to charge the Customer interest on the amount outstanding from due date until payment.
  • The price for the goods/parts and services supplied by GasmanQt Ltd shall become immediately payable, regardless of any other terms of payment, and GasmanQt Ltd may take immediate action to recover the price. This includes if the Customer is in default under any agreement with GasmanQt Ltd or commits an act of insolvency or bankruptcy, goes into liquidation, receivership or voluntary administration, enters into a creditors’ composition, or has its credit standing impaired in any way.


  • Some jobs will require a deposit before work commences
  • If a deposit invoice is sent and remains unpaid before the work commences, we reserve the right to halt work until payment is made. We also reserve the right to cancel the contract entirely, if payment is late or delayed.


You agree that Title in any goods supplied is reserved by us until receipt of full payment. You understand and accept that we have the right under the Wages Protection and Contractors’ Liens Repeal Act 1987 to retain possession of goods until charges are paid. We are entitled (for ourselves or through any agent or employee) to come on to any land where the goods are stored or installed to uplift and remove any goods supplied, and to sell those goods if necessary to recover unpaid monies. No responsibility for any loss is accepted by us in this eventuality. We may also register title to all our present and after-acquired property including but not confined to goods supplied by us and itemised on a tax invoice, and/or services supplied by us, and the proceeds from those goods supplied in whatever form they may be in against your name on the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR). You agree that all Fittings, Hardware and Joinery supplied are designed to be removable and so these items form part of the fit out not the building and are covered by our PPSR registration. You agree that in the event where you are holding retentions on behalf of us we understand that it is a legal requirement that you set those amounts aside and agree that we have the right to register an interest in that retention on the PPSR and that we will come ahead of any other security. You agree that until payment is made for the goods and services provided, you grant an equitable interest in your land on which the goods and services were carried out and affixed, which interest entitles us to register a caveat against your land. You waive your right to receive a copy of the PPSR verification statement. You understand that payments will be allocated against labour components of invoices first. 

Disputed Invoices

  • If you need to discuss any aspect of payment, please contact us immediately.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the invoice, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately.

Unpaid Accounts

  1. If payment remains outstanding for over 30 days from the invoice due date a late fee may be added to your account at our discretion.
  2. overdue accounts.
  3. Debt Collection costs may be added to invoices that remain outstanding for over 30 days from the due date at your cost.



We will not be responsible for late completion and we reserve the right to pass on costs incurred as a result of events beyond our control including but not confined to; other trades late in finishing, materials promised by the client and not being available.


Consumer Law Reform Bill

The guarantees contained in the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993 do not apply to goods and services that are supplied for the purpose of business or use by a business.


Construction Contracts Act

This contract will be administered under the rules of the Construction Contracts Act which require payment schedules to be submitted to us within 20 working days of invoices being raised.


I/we give authority for the Company to hold my personal information and authorise any person or company to provide the Company with any
information required to determine my whereabouts and my credit worthiness. I/we authorise the Company to disclose my details for fines
enforcement purposes and to obtain the balance of any fines in default. I/we agree to the Company furnishing any third party my payment habits
and trend details of this job instruction and any future dealing I/we may have as a result of this job instruction. I/we understand that this information
is collected for the purposes of establishing my credit rating.


I/we understand and agree that the Company will carry out additional safety work as required up to the value of $100.00, if work exceeds that we will contact you.


I agree that the Company is not liable for failure or delay in supply or delivery occasioned by strike, industrial dispute, natural disaster, shortage or unavailability of stocks of products or raw materials, shortage of labour, lack of skilled labour, failure of the Customer’s supplier’s delay in transit, import restriction, legislative governmental or other prohibition or restriction, fire, flood, hostilities, commotions or other causes whatsoever beyond the Company’s reasonable control including power outage or telecommunication disruption or act of war or terrorist attack.



If I/we are not satisfied with any aspect of the goods and/or services when supplied, I/we must advise the Company within 7 days of supply. If I/we do not do so, then the Company will not have any further liability in respect of alleged defects. Further, the Company are not liable for any consequential damages or loss occasioned by any claim in respect of the goods supplied.

We would like to thank all of our customers for trusting and working alongside GASMANQT LTD for keeping Gas Appliances SAFE and having the like-minded attitude of being Pro-active and respecting the Duty of Care that we all have.

You can contact us the following ways:

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Steve 027-777-6726


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