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Commercial and Industrial Gas Services / Queenstown NZ

Reduce downtime by keeping your gas fittings, appliances and boilers operating at their best. Gasman QT for all commercial gas servicing and maintenance.

Proactive service

Gas that is working well means less downtime and better running costs for your business. Our maintenance schedule is designed to ensure it stays that way. 

We work with commercial kitchens, industrial appliances, gas fires, boilers and so much more. We diagnose on site, repair and fit parts and create a library of information for your gas work giving you a record of all activity for replacement or further repair purposes.

Our maintenance programs are customised to fit the needs of each business. Talk to us about creating a program for you.

You wouldn’t buy a brand new car and never expect to have to air the tires, change the oil, and checkout any unusual noises, would you? Well, in the same way it is important to have regular inspections on your gas appliances by a qualified technician. Just as a well running car can get the best gas mileage and keep you safe on the road, properly running gas appliances will run more efficiently and keep you comfortable and safe in your property.

Even the best equipment, if not maintained properly can cause problems. One of the best ways to avoid problems is to prevent them from occurring. The best way to do that is scheduling regular maintenance. We have highly trained service technicians, qualified to maintain all of your gas appliances all year-round.


Loyalty Program

As a loyalty customer you are our priority and we offer you a 10% discount on emergency breakdown calls for when the unexpected can occur. Once you sign up for our Customer Loyalty program, one of our staff will call to remind you when your appliances are due for service and arrange the best time. Contact us for more information.

Commercial Kitchen Proactive program

We design the perfect Pro-active program for your commercial Kitchen.

The program includes:

  • 4 x visits per year to assess the right functionality of your kitchen appliances.
  • 1 x full appliances service per year.
  • 2 x breakdown call-out
  • 10% discount in parts


A technician will come to you to assess your needs and create a plan for ongoing maintenance.